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The Human Resource Concept

MCA Detroit HR Department’s government affairs and political action mission states:
MCA Detroit political activity exists to make a difference. We support candidates who are committed to the free enterprise system. We primarily fund pro-business challengers and those seeking open seats. We do not support incumbents merely for access. MCA Detroit is:

  • Pro building trades
  • Pro business
  • Bipartisan
  • SE Michigan region focused

MCA Detroit works with the government of the State of Michigan along with the other state-wide organizations to promote understanding of building trades issues. We do this through many venues, including making recommendations for appointments to the state regulatory agencies. Examples include: the Construction Code Commission, Board of Mechanical Rules, State Board of Plumbing, Construction Safety Standards Commission and the Board of Boiler Rules.

  • Construction Coalition of Michigan
    MCA Detroit is a strong supporter of the Construction Coalition of Michigan, which operates as a “think tank” on behalf of subcontractors regarding legislative issues and strategies. A current issue of focus is getting subcontractors effectively paid.

MCA Detroit and the City of Detroit participate in an EEO Partnership and Agreement:
MCA Detroit is constantly working on our contractors’ behalf to provide the tools and resources necessary to compete in today and tomorrow’s market. The MCA Detroit HR Department, in partnership with Plumbers Local 98 and Pipefitters Local 636, have reached a trade line agreement with the Detroit Human Rights Department by making good faith efforts to comply with Executive Order #22 Monitoring Guidelines by focusing efforts to create life-long careers for minorities, Detroit residents and women. For information on how a MCA Detroit contractor can participate in this partnership and agreement, please contact Laura Kopack at (313) 341-7661.

  • Apprenticeship Information Sessions
    As part of our partnership with Detroit and our good faith efforts, apprenticeship information sessions are conducted twice a month for any individuals interested in applying for an apprenticeship. Melody Magee or secondarily Laura Kopack conducts these sessions here in our office where videos are run and open discussion takes place. Interested parties can contact the office at (313) 341-7661 ext. 205 for a schedule and registration to attend these sessions.
  • A. Philip Randolph Career/Technical Center
    The Plumbing Industry represented by Melody Magee, MCA Detroit contractors and members of Plumbers Local 98 and Pipefitters Local 636, collaborate with the staff and students of A. Philip Randolph Career/Technical Center. The Randolph Center Mission: “Randolph Center, in collaboration with business, industry and the community, provides students with the opportunity to develop life role competences with the emphasis on skills in technology, business, and construction-related trades. The staff prepares students to be productive participants in a global society by meeting the needs of the individual through career and technical competence, social acceptance and civic responsibility.”

Partnering with community groups presents opportunities to not only promote our industry but also take an active role in building a better future:
That is why MCA Detroit contractors and our labor partners, Plumbers Local 98 and Pipefitters Local 636, actively participate in such organizations as the Eight Mile Boulevard Association, where we can network with a vast representation of like-minded business, community and government leaders to the benefit of all.

  • The Annual Eight Mile Boulevard Association Leadership Luncheon
    MCA Detroit contractors network with hundreds of business, community and government leaders from across the state at the annual Leadership Luncheon. MCA Detroit contractors have led the construction industry in a coalition as the Platinum sponsor of this event.
  • Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit
    Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit’s “Flip the Script” program helping minority, male residents of Detroit, ages 18-30, take a 14 week Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program to prepare them for entrance exams required to enter today’s Skilled/Construction Trade and Related Industries. Students are introduced to different trades including plumber, air-conditioning/refrigeration, welder, residential plumbing, construction measurement and sheet metal worker. “Each trade module is a ten-hour experience with grade-appropriate curriculum and audiotape. Students work in teams, using professional tools of the trade. Skill development, safety, standard trade practices, and projected salaries are presented in an easy to understand format. The Construction Zone is not designed to make students proficient in any one trade, but enables them to explore the basic aspect of each craft and understand how the different trades work together on a construction project.”




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