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Safety Committee

MCA Detroit has an active Safety Committee comprised of Safety Directors from many of our member contractor organizations. The committee meets monthly and discusses issues of concern to them on the jobsites. They plan hands-on safety training, in addition to the required MUST Safety Modules (see MUST Safety Training). Programs offered include NFPA 70E training and an OSHA 30-Hour class, which is recommended for all company supervision.

The Safety Committee shares valuable information from each of their companies at their meetings. Safety Manual and Safety CD information is shared so companies do not have to “reinvent the wheel”. Safety incentive programs are suggested for individual companies. Safety standards are discussed and appropriate follow-up trainings are scheduled.

The Chairman of the Safety Committee reports periodically to the MCA Detroit Board of Directors, sets meeting agendas and approves meeting minutes. Leadership and experience drive the work of the Safety Committee.

All inquiries about the Safety Committee should be directed to Cassie Mudloff at (313) 341-7661 ext. 205.

Mission Statement - With the MCA's support, our MCA safety team is able to promote a safe working environment for all of our workers by sharing ideas, training, and experience. There is no competition when it comes to safety!


Safety Committee




Arctic Air
(248) 514-2223
B & C Ten Air HVAC Systems, Inc.
(248) 444-0758
Benkari Mechanical
(248) 722-2812
Bumler Mechanical
(586) 214-7652
Complete Mechanical Contracting
(734) 363-7840
Complete Mechanical Contracting
(586) 850-0897
Conti Electric
(734) 216-3573
Danboise Mechanical
(248) 219-2725
De-Cal, Inc.
(586) 495-0289
Delta Temperature
(248) 589-2828
FM Sylvan, Inc.
(248) 326-5925
Golden Refrigerant
(734) 891-6015
Great Lakes Mechanical
(248) 895-8310
Guardian Plumbing
(313) 268-0007
Hoyt, Brumm & Link
(248) 240-6229
John E. Green Company
(313) 218-6669
John E. Green Company
(313) 868-2400
Johnson Controls, Inc.
(616) 250-0236
Johnson Controls, Inc.
(586) 826-8845
Johnson Controls, Inc.
(734) 478-4766
Limbach, Inc.
(734) 767-6488
Limbach, Inc.
(248) 310-6757
Sudz, Rob (Chair)
Limbach, Inc.
(248) 410-1192
Macomb Mechanical
(248) 361-8673
Macomb Mechanical
(248) 639-9977
Power Process Piping
(313) 475-2568
Progressive Mechanical
(248) 399-4200
Progressive Mechanical
(248) 399-4200
Seaway Mechanical Contractors
(734) 552-2541
Seaway Mechanical Contractors
(734) 556-0261
Siemens Bldg. Tech.
(734) 516-3593
(248) 521-9215
W. J. O'Neil, Co.
(734) 365-3079


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