MCA Detroit Strike Info

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MCA Detroit Support Letters

There have been many rumors regarding which Employers have signed Interim Agreements, and for those who have, their reason(s) for signing.  Feel free to read through the following letters from a number of Employers, explaining in their own words, how signing the Interim Agreement was necessary to keep the Customer from reassigning jobs, which were currently scheduled to be done by Union tradespeople, to non-union Employers.  Not signing the Interim Agreement could have led to more Customers being exposed to non-union which could have led to our market share diminishing even further if the Customer were to decide to continue using non-union in the future.

Bumler Mechanical
Support Letter

De-Cal Support Letter

Goyette Support Letter

Macomb Mechanical
Support Letter

Power Process Piping
Support Letter

R.W. Mead & Sons, Inc.
Support Letter

Sylvan Support Letter

Watson Bros
Support Letter

Support Letter

Strike Documents

Letter to Membership 07-07-22

Establishing a Reserved Gate System

Employer Talking Points

No Strike Update to Kevin Carden

No Strike letter from Kevin Carden

Letter to General President McManus

Employer Strike Update

Fillable letter to Michigan
Unemployment Insurance Agency

Documents Shared
During Negotiations