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MCA Detroit is committed to providing Safety Directors, from member companies, with updated information on recent MIOSHA/OSHA regulations. By investing in education and training we remain proactive in creating and maintaining a safe working environment for all workers. If you are a member of MCA Detroit and are interested in joining the conversation contact Samantha DellaPella with all inquiries at (313) 341-7661 ext. 204 or [email protected].


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Each employer working on a site requiring MUST drug testing must be registered in the program at Each employer enrolls and processes the initial drug screening if the employee has not already been enrolled into the program. Employers are also asked to provide training to supervisors to enable them to identify behaviors exhibited by persons who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Employers submit a monthly listing of employees eligible for random screening.

Employees who have been drug tested are issued an Identification Card to be kept in their possession. All results of drug tests are considered medical records and held confidential.

All potential employees of all contractors at all tiers who work at a MUST Project must submit to an Initial Drug Screening. The initial screen does not include an alcohol test. Twenty-five percent of the workforce is then tested at random on an annual basis.

For more information and the complete MUST Drug Testing Policy, go to

Billing for the testing of Local Union 98 Plumbers goes directly to the employer.

Billing for Union Local 636 active Pipefitter Journeymen, MES and MET is as follows:

The effective date for the IARF payment of Drug Testing and Safety Modules is 1/1/2014.
To submit for drug testing from January 1, 2014 forward, send invoices to Paula Johnson at BeneSys for payment via email here.

To fax or to send using conventional mail see contact info below.

Casey Yankee
BeneSys, Inc.
700 Tower Drive
Suite 300
Troy, Michigan 48098
(248) 813-9800 x3122
(248) 813-9898 fax

If you, the Employer, have already paid Alere Toxicology for these invoices, include a copy of your payment and BeneSys will send reimbursement directly to you, the Employer. If you need copies of Alere’s invoices you can email Jean DeRoche from Alere Toxicology at: [email protected] and include Employer Account Number, and she will send the invoices to you.

In the future use the “Bill To” drop-down menu when initiating a MUST drug test authorization form and select “Pipefitters Local 636 Drug Fund”. BeneSys will make direct payment to Alere Toxicology.

For questions or concerns please contact Chris Freeman from MCA Detroit at 313-341-7661 x 215


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the MUST Safety Modules?

A: 1. You must be assigned to an employer or other entity that takes responsibility of payment for the safety training services.
2. Go to
3. Click on “MUST Safety Program”
4. Log in – “User Name” is your Social Security Number (SSN) or MUST ID Number. The “Password” is the first 4 digits of your SSN.
5. You will be given the option to view safety modules or view your report card. Click on “View Safety Modules” and follow options / instructions.

Q. How do I access my MUST Report Card?

A. Same instructions as above, except click on “View Report Card”.

Q. Does MUST safety training fulfill all my requirements for training my employees in safety?

A. NO. MUST is only awareness training. You are required by Michigan OSHA to train your personnel in all required safety topics that affect your employees.

Q. What is EMR?

A. EMR is Experience Modification Rate, which is a rating established by the insurance industry that measures an employer’s workers compensation experiences against others in similar industries (reflects prior loss experience).

Q. What is a pre-task plan and how do I put one together?

A. A pre-task plan is a step-by-step description of work being performed that includes the safety precautions necessary to keep employees from being injured. You may find examples of pre-task plans in the MCA Detroit safety library or contact any member of the MCA Detroit Safety Committee for assistance.

Q. How do I get my employees trained in specific safety requirements?

A. MCA Detroit offers a wide array of safety training for members at a nominal cost. Please contact Samantha DellaPella, if you require safety training for your employees.

Q. How do I become a member of the MCA Detroit Safety Committee?

A. All MCA Detroit members may attend the MCA Detroit Safety Committee meetings. Meetings are held every other month. Keep an eye out for meeting announcements that are sent out prior to meeting times. Visit the Calendar on the MCA Detroit web site to view scheduled meetings.

Q. What should I have in my first aid kit?

A. Click here to view Michigan DLEG Occupational Health Standard for Medical Services and First Aid. Occupational Health Guide A – Medical Services and First Air for General Industry (Document 5951) is currently being revised by MIOSHA. TOP



The Mission of Management and Unions Serving Together (MUST):
To ensure the highest standards on the MUST label are met through the continuous improvement of safety, quality and value on construction sites while completing jobs on-time and on-budget with the highest skilled and trained workforce prepared to meet the demands of construction users/developers in Southeast Michigan.

Management and Unions Serving Together (MUST) is dedicated to making a zero-injury career a reality. To achieve this goal, the MUST Safety Program provides standardized drug and alcohol testing and safety awareness training that is documented and verifiable from a single database.

All inquiries regarding the MUST Safety Program may be directed to Samantha DellaPella at (313) 341-7661 ext. 205 or contact the MUST office directly.

21353 Bridge St.
Southfield, MI 48033
Tel. (248) 352-9810
Fax (248) 352-9814


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